Dritan Alsela Coffee, Düsseldorf (D)

Dritan Alsela Coffee, Düsseldorf (D)

During the Christmas Holidays, we are visiting Düsseldorf to go shopping and off course checking out the ‘coffee scene’! We are especially interested in the coffee bar of ‘Il Barista’ Dritan Alsela.

After a stroll on the Königsallee, it was time for a cup of coffee. We first tried the Bazzar Caffé on the Heinrich Heine Allee. We have been here a few times before and love the coffee and the atmosphere. Only recently, we found out that Dritan Alsela is the owner of the Bazzar Caffé. But it seems so many other people like the Bazzar Caffé as well,  because it was very busy and there were no empty seats anymore. No problem, Dritan Alsela has another coffee bar a bit out of town, in the district of Flingern, close to his barista school, so we drove there.

Dritan Alsela Coffee Bar has an airy interior with the same accents as the Bazzar Caffé. In front of the windows, is Dritans huge private collection of coffee machines. Many of them are still working and real eye catchers!

It is busy in the coffee bar, but we still find a place to sit and we order a latte and an espresso.

And because we are getting a bit hungry, we also order a lovely club sandwich and a tapas dis. In this coffee bar, they know everything about coffee, but also about good and tasty food. Instead of ordering something sweet, try some tapas with your coffee. Salmon, chorizo, delicious cheese (Tête de Moine), olives, etc. Worth trying!

While we are enjoying our coffee and food, we see that Dritan is working behind his coffee machine, making coffees with his famous latte art. After a while he comes from behind the counter and goes and talk to the customers here and there. Totally unexpectedly, he greets us and we start talking. As coffee lovers ourselves, it is very interesting to hear Dritan talking about his love for coffee. He explains that he is originally from Albania, but is living in Germany for over 20 years now.

It seems he has some time to talk, so we order another Americano and a lemon tea. We are excited that he has some time for us, so we ask him different questions about his love for coffee and his coffee bars.
On a busy day, they use about 5 to 8 kilograms of coffee beans a day. That is a lot of coffees! Wow! And several liters of milk for the latte art! Dritan and his staff work in two shifts from the morning til evening, to make delicious coffee and serve good food. It is clear that people have found their way to Dritan Alsela Coffee Bar!

Dritan talks about his passion and we can feel that this man puts his love for coffee above the business aspect of it all. Really interesting to hear about his work from a top barista! We ask him how he got so good at latte art and the answer is very simple: practice, practice, practice! Yes, practice makes perfect and when you make coffees the whole day, you quickly get the hang of it!

When we leave the coffee bar, Dritan greets us and we agree to see each other at the next Amsterdam Coffee Festival in March 2017. Oh yes, we will be there!

Thanks Dritan for the talk and keep up the good work! We will be back!

Greetings, Victoria

Contact : Dritan Alsela Coffee / Schlüterstrasse 3A / 40235 Düsseldorf / Germany / www.dritan-alsela.com

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